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FDA Approves First Device for Treating Migraines
US regulators recently gave the green light for the first device intended to treat pain during a migraine headache.
When Allergies Go to Your Head
Those who have experienced allergies are probably all too familiar with the runny or stuffy nose, the itchy eyes and the overall discomfort. They may also be familiar with migraines.
Headaches Not Uncommon with Lupus
A person with lupus has an immune system that attacks the body itself. It can lead to a variety of health concerns, including headaches.
When It's More Than a Migraine…
Suffering from migraines can significantly impact an individual's quality of life. It's not hard to imagine that migraine sufferers may be at risk for depression as well.
When Headaches Are a Sign of Poisoning
As the winter months approach and people spend more time inside, hospitals might begin to see more and more cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Which Rx for Migraine Relief?
Many people are affected by chronic migraine attacks, but available treatments only offer momentary pain relief. Thus, migraine prevention remains a challenge.
A Link Between Migraines and Your Waistline?
The link between being overweight or obese and other health issues is clearly established for conditions like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. But a person's weight may be related to migraines as well.
Many Medications Minimize Migraines
There has been uncertainty about whether medications help prevent migraines in adults. A recent study was conducted to weigh the risks and benefits of various FDA-approved medications to reduce migraine headache frequency.
Kids' Headaches Don't Need More Radiation
Often, getting more tests and treatment for an illness is not better. In fact, it might actually lead to other problems. That's part of the reason CT scans aren't recommended for kids' headaches.
Looking Out for Teens' Headaches
Many people may think adults are the most likely to experience migraines. However, young teens can have migraines and get chronic daily headaches as well.