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From Stomach Aches to Headaches
When the stomach's yearning for food, heads can start aching as well. And it can happen more often among people with stomach problems.
No Cognitive Problems from Migraines
It is challenging to make sense out of the brain's mysteries. This is especially true in understanding how migraines might affect the brain. But researchers are learning more.
When Big Headaches Hit Little Ones
A migraine headache can knock you flat — and that's for an adult. Imagine how migraines might affect children, especially when it comes to school.
When Migraines Hurt
Having a migraine is enough to deal with on its own, without the worry that it may be a symptom of something bigger.
Why are Headaches Common After Brain Injury?
It seems obvious that headaches would persist after a traumatic brain injury. Curiously, headaches appear to be more common after a mild traumatic brain injury compared to more severe injuries.
The Migraine Treatment No One is Suggesting
Despite demonstrated evidence-based effectiveness, a new survey revealed that few migraine treatment specialists suggest that their patients try biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy or relaxation training.
Weather Linked to Migraines
It may be time to add another item to the list of potential migraine triggers. A new study suggests that some migraine sufferers may be sensitive to weather changes.
Red Wine May Not Trigger Migraines
To avoid the debilitating headaches, migraine sufferers are generally urged to identify their triggers. Red wine is often pinpointed. Yet it may be only certain types of red wine that bring on migraines.
Emotional Stress Linked to Cancer Recurrence
Emotional stress and turmoil take a physical toll on our bodies as well. Stress and abuse have been linked to migraines, auto-immune syndromes, heart problems and now skin cancer.
Preventing Migraines by Lowering Risk
Migraines can produce debilitating pain. The key to management goes beyond medications. Managing risk factors can reduce the number of migraines. The key is identifying those triggers.