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Are You at Risk of Osteoporosis?
Are you at risk of breaking a bone?
This Injection May Reduce Fracture Risk
A new injection reduced the risk of new fractures in women with osteoporosis who have gone through menopause, according to a new study.
What Exercise Could Do for Men's Bones
Bone health is probably something you don't plan on worrying about until you're older. But for men, bone health later in life may have something to do with their earlier years.
Bone Rx Boosted Breast Cancer Survival
Nearly all postmenopausal women with early-stage HR+ breast cancer are treated with aromatase inhibitors. But these drugs can significantly compromise bone health and up the risk of fractures.
Heartburn Drugs: Why Less May Be More
When it comes to acid reflux, better care sometimes means less medication.
Growth Hormone May Protect Bones
Women who want to give their bones a break may now have another tool in the toolbox.
What Pumping Iron Could Do for Men's Bones
For men, losing some bone mass as they age is natural. But that doesn't necessarily mean they can't slow it down — and possibly reduce their risk for conditions like osteoporosis in the process.
Mind Your Bones
Older adults are commonly prescribed drugs to strengthen their bones and combat injury. But these may be unnecessary when it comes to preventing one dangerous ailment.
Why Some Men Need Osteoporosis Screening
Osteoporosis is often thought of as an issue that only affects women because women are at higher risk than men. But that perspective isn’t just inaccurate — it could be dangerous.
How Bone Loss and Hearing Loss Might Be Linked
Osteoporosis may make you more likely to experience a surprising condition: hearing loss.