OsteoporosisInfo Center

Just One Dose Bolstered Elderly Bones
A single dose of one osteoporosis medication may be enough to help patients — even those who are very frail.
Breast Cancer Rx Might Prevent Early Menopause
It’s good news for young women who have had breast cancer treatment and still want a baby. A medication called goserelin may help prevent the ovarian failure often caused by chemotherapy.
Bone Booster May Cut Cancer Risk
Women taking a bone-boosting medication might see a surprising result — a lower risk of a type of cancer.
Hot Flashes May Signal Fracture Risk
Hot flashes and night sweats could be more than just unpleasant symptoms of menopause — they could be tied to bone health.
Don't Miss Out — Rx Can Strengthen Men's Bones
Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for men with prostate cancer might make their bones weak. Fortunately, a common medication can make them strong again — if patients can get a prescription.
Cholesterol Rx Didn't Improve Bone Health
Some medications help patients in several ways — such as how an aspirin for a fever may also lower heart attack risk — but that isn't always the case. A medication for cholesterol once thought to improve bone health probably doesn't do so, a new study found.
Osteoporosis Screening Rate Was 'Unacceptably Low' in Men
Older men and their doctors might not be too concerned about osteoporosis, but new research suggests they may need to reconsider the issue.
Milk May Not Protect Against Fractures, Death
Past research and advertising campaigns suggested that milk made bones stronger and improved overall health. But new research suggests that may not be true.
Fracture Was Hard to Predict in Some Postmenopausal Women
Screening tools can help doctors predict which postmenopausal women may have a broken bone due to osteoporosis in the next few years. But those tools may not accurately predict fracture risk in younger postmenopausal women.
Red Wine May Improve Bone Density
People with low bone density may want to raise a glass of red wine. A recent study on red wine's natural compounds says drink up.