Pancreatic CancerInfo Center

New Era In Cancer Treatment?
The outlook for people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer has just brightened a little. Scientists have made a giant leap forward in understanding the background operations of this cancer.
More Risks For BRCA Carriers
Genetic mutations are often the root cause of some cancers. Some of these changes are inherited. Altered BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, for example, increase risks for breast cancer.
One Cancer That’s Actually Many Cancers
Scientists are increasingly realizing that a specific type of cancer is actually many different diseases. A new study has confirmed this is certainly the case with pancreatic cancer.
What 132 Billion Data Points Per Patient Mean
Whole genome sequencing, or WGS , spells out all 3 billion letters in the human genome. It’s being used now to learn more about pancreatic cancer, and the findings may change the outlook for this disease.
Smokers and Drinkers Diagnosed With Cancer Earlier
Pancreatic cancer is not a good one. Medical scientists don’t know what causes this cancer, with the exception of rare genetic links. And there’s no screening for the healthy general population. A recent study sheds light on risk factors.
Germs In Your Mouth Could Be Deadly
The germs in your mouth may play a role in heart disease risks. That’s been known for a while. Now, there’s evidence that these bacteria may promote or reduce cancer risks.
No Pancreas? You Can Control Diabetes
Your pancreas is the organ that makes insulin - a hormone that plays a key role in diabetes control. Without a pancreas, controlling diabetes could be difficult; at least that's what doctors thought.
Losing Doesn’t Win Against Pancreatic Cancer
There's mounting evidence that a person’s weight and BMI (body mass index) at the time of their cancer diagnosis can make a difference in the course of the disease. Weight loss, if needed, is usually a positive move for people with cancer – but not for all.
Can Antioxidants Prevent Pancreatic Cancer?
A recent study found that if you consume high levels of vitamin C and take a multivitamin, your risks of liver cancer may be slightly higher. Now, forget all of that when it comes to pancreatic cancer.
First American Woman in Space Has Died
Sally Ride, the first American female astronaut, has died after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 61.