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Chemo Extends Lives of Patients with Rare Pancreatic Cancer
Periampullary cancer, a rare form of pancreatic cancer, is actually a collection of malignancies. This cancer (adenocarcinoma) forms in and around the top of the pancreas in places like the ampulla where the bile and pancreatic ducts connect.
Intriguing Pancreatic Cancer Study
Pancreatic cancer doesn't currently have effective treatment options. That could be changing with a novel chemotherapy agent currently being tested in Germany.
Fried Chicken, Pancreatic Cancer and Gravy
More bad news for folks who love Southern cookin ' and greasy foods. A steady diet of fried chicken and French fries steadily leads to obesity, and the health goes down hill from there.
Old Wonder Drug for Pancreatic Cancer?
A low-cost, proven medication is taking on another cancer. Metformin has gone toe-to-toe with pancreatic cancer stem cells and won.
Childhood Cancer Warriors at Higher Risk of GI Cancers
Gastrointestinal cancers show up anywhere along the digestive tract. And while risk factors for each organ vary, a separate group of people appear to be at greater risk.
Teen Whiz Develops Pancreatic Cancer Test
The boy genius who can't even drive yet may have developed a test that could save thousands of lives every year. The winner of the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair has found a way to diagnose pancreatic cancer.
Shedding New Light on Pancreatic Cancer
One of the reasons pancreatic cancer is among the more difficult cancers to treat is because the organ is difficult to reach. It's nestled inside the intestines and by the time a biopsy is performed, the cancer is usually advanced.
Googling for Cancer Biomarkers
The Google algorithm for searching and prioritizing pages on the Internet is constantly changing. Researchers have developed their own version of this coveted equation and put it to work to find new cancer answers.
PEAK1 Enzyme Sees Into Pancreatic Cancer
No signs or symptoms. No screening tests. No effective treatment. These are the qualities of pancreatic cancer that make it so devilish. The discovery of an early biomarker  may change the whole outlook for cancer of the pancreas.
Without Kras, Pancreatic Cancer Crashes
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most mysterious of all malignancies. The scientific knowledge base of this malignancy has just expanded by volumes thanks to new understanding about a mutant gene that's in the driver's seat.