Parkinsons DiseaseInfo Center

Older Treatment May Be Better for Parkinson's
Newer, cutting-edge treatment is better — right? This may not always be the case, particularly in Parkinson's disease, say the authors of a new study.
Experts Issue Statement on Medical Marijuana
Thus far, 21 states and the District of Columbia have approved medical marijuana use to relieve symptoms of various illnesses. That substance may help some, but not all, people with brain diseases.
Special MRI Might Lead to Earlier Parkinson's Diagnosis
Parkinson’s disease can be hard for doctors to identify. And while it has no cure, early diagnosis can help those with the nerve-damaging disease choose an optimum course of treatment.
Help for Drivers with Parkinson's
Amid the trembling, shaking and other changes that come with Parkinson's disease, many with Parkinson's still try to drive. One device might improve their driving ability.
Alcohol Abuse May Come With a Parkinson's Disease Risk
Chronic abuse of alcohol often leads to mental and physical health problems. According to recent research, one of those problems could be Parkinson's disease.
Staying on Statins to Prevent Parkinson's
Statins are widely used medications that help people control cholesterol levels in the blood. Some research has shown these medications to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Could these properties have an impact on the development of Parkinson's disease?
The Doctor Will Skype You Now
A doctor’s appointment without even leaving the house? Virtual house calls could be an important alternative for patients limited by distance or disability.
Parkinson’s Lesser Known Symptoms
Tremors and shaking are well known symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The lesser known non-motor symptoms like difficulty sleeping and digestive problems are not clearly defined in newly diagnosed patients.
A Test For Parkinson’s Disease?
There is currently no foolproof way to diagnose Parkinson’s disease (PD). Although a neurological exam and a review of the patient’s medical history can give a doctor insight to the possibility of PD, a test for the disease could save time and eliminate uncertainties.
Sex, Drugs and Parkinson’s
Impulse control is not easy, especially for those with Parkinson’s disease. Recent research has suggested that excessive gambling, shopping, eating and sexuality are symptoms of the disease medication, not the disease itself.