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Dance of the Asthma Fairies Discovered
Scientists have now seen causes of asthma attacks in the shape of immunoglobulin E( IgE) and how it moves and twists during IgE's attachment to the receptor proteins on the surface of mast cells. After 15 years of research, what a beautiful sight this must be.
Exercise Induced Obesity
Many people with asthma have triggers that bring on attacks, like environmental allergens or colds. For some exercise is the culprit, and the inability to exercise without risking an asthma attack increases their odds of becoming obese. A new study tried to figure out which factor more influences the other––the asthma or the obesity.
Chickenpox Risk for Asthmatics Taking Steroids Minimal
There have been recent incidences of chickenpox outbreaks when children with asthma go to the emergency room and are given a new steroid. A new study recognizes there are small risks for the development of severe chickenpox.
Pregnant Women Should Avoid Tylenol
Since the early 1980s taking Tylenol (acetaminophen) has become increasingly common among women during pregnancy.  This increase coincided with a doubling of the prevalence of asthma among children.
Fruits Not So Peachy Keen for Asthma and Allergy Protection
Former studies have given credence to the message that fruits and vegetables in a child's diet appear to reduce the risk of developing asthma, hay fever and allergies. Now scientists say: Not so much.
Asthma Now Showing in 3-D
Asthma attacks are very scary, and sometimes deadly. Scientists know they need a closer look into the mechanism leading to an attack. Now, a structure has been designed at Louisiana State University to do just that.
Family Mealtime Matters
The 4:00 p.m. phone call from your child:  "Mom, what's for dinner?" Upon answering, the child either grimaces or delights, but they almost always show up. Researchers have identified a link between the health of children with asthma and the quality of family interactions at mealtime.
Managing Asthma Can Reduce ER Trips
When teaching children fire drills, the mantra is STOP, DROP, and ROLL. When teaching asthma attack prevention, a new mantra of MANAGE, ANTICIPATE,  and AVOID is in order.
Eczema, Hay Fever Leads to Adult Allergic Asthma
40-year-old birthday presents are full of bad jokes about aging and black balloons. Another bad joke may be around the corner for people in their 40's who had childhood eczema and hay fever.
Asthma Risk On the Street Where You Live
Reasearch studies have found that closeness to a roadway increases the incidence of asthma in developed countries. The reason is due to increased exposure to traffic emissions.