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Under the Skin: Two Rx's to Treat RA
When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, there is no one Rx that works best for all patients. A Rx that does wonders for one patient may do little for another. As such, Rx comparisons may be needed.
Post-Surgery Problems for RA Patients
When arthritis causes permanent joint damage, many patients turn to joint replacement surgery. While hip and knee replacement surgeries can lead to huge improvements, they still carry serious risks.
Arthritic Double Whammy
It was once thought that patients with rheumatoid arthritis were unlikely to get gout. Now it looks like that is not the case.
Deadly Depression in RA
Living with rheumatoid arthritis can take a toll on your body and your mind. If you are a rheumatoid arthritis patient living with depression, your mental health could be making your situation worse.
New RA Drugs May Reduce Hospital Stays
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis are admitted to hospitals for a number of reasons. They may need surgery, or the inflammation caused by their disease may lead to health problems in other organs.
RA Drugs May Prevent Early Death
Rheumatoid arthritis not only affects your joints, but also other organs throughout the body. When other organs are affected, patients may be faced with serious problems, even death. One type of drug may lower this risk.
RA Patients Did Well with Specialty Help
Controlling the pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis is no easy task. As such, treating the disease requires a specialist. A recent study suggests that patients should see a specialist as soon as possible.
Cell Phones Helped Slow RA
Cell phones have dramatically changed how we live our lives, from the way we communicate to how we organize our schedules. Now, it looks like cell phones may help arthritis patients stick to their treatment plans.
Left Out of Latest RA Treatments
Over the past decade, advances in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis have made it easier for patients to live with this painful condition. Unfortunately, some patients may not have access to the newest treatments.
Back Pain: Arthritis Within Arthritis
Inflammation is the reason patients with rheumatoid arthritis develop swollen and painful joints. But inflammation is not unique to rheumatoid arthritis; it is also behind other painful joint conditions.