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Blood Clot Risk in RA
Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that affects more than just your joints. It can spread throughout your body, even causing problems in the vessels that carry blood.
Scoring Infection Risk in RA
People with rheumatoid arthritis may have a higher risk of infection than others, but doctors have found it hard to pinpoint each patient's individual risk. Now, doctors may have a new way to rate infection risk.
Spotting Long-Term RA Risk
To give a solid diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, doctors look for a number of signs, including evidence from blood tests. Can these blood tests also show arthritis risk in people who are arthritis-free?
Get Moving to Keep Blood Flowing in RA
Staying active is a key part of treating rheumatoid arthritis. Exercise keeps your joints and the muscles around your joints healthy, strong and flexible. Exercise also may prevent other complications of arthritis.
RA Drugs Not Linked to Cancer
Over the past decade, a new class of drugs has changed the way rheumatoid arthritis is treated. Despite this step forward, there has been fear that these drugs may lead to cancer. New research may ease some of the worry.
Spotting Disability With RA
Rheumatoid arthritis can take a toll on your body, making it hard to do even the simplest of tasks. In the U.S., Hispanics with rheumatoid arthritis generally are more disabled than whites. But why?
Cancer Risk in Kids With Arthritis
Arthritis can affect more than your joints; it can cause other health problems throughout the body. Certain types of arthritis may even play a role in cancer, as researchers recently found.
Good Jobs for Good Students with Arthritis
Juvenile arthritis develops in children. But children eventually grow older, and their arthritis won't always go away. As the years pass, does juvenile arthritis make it hard to get a job?
Blocked Blood Vessels in RA
If you have rheumatoid arthritis, you may be at risk of health problems throughout your body. Even if you've never been hospitalized, you and your doctor need to closely watch for signs of complications.
Better RA Test for Native Americans
Rheumatic diseases affect certain populations, such as American Indians, more than others. While there are many blood tests to diagnose these conditions, some of these tests are not always useful.