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Secondhand Smoke and Your Unborn Baby
It's pretty well established that smoking while pregnant leads to various negative health effects for your child. But even being around cigarette smoke can affect your unborn baby.
Myth Busters: Skinny Smokers
There’s this myth out there that smoking helps keep the weight off. But recent science may have just proved that myth completely wrong.
Online Communities for Quitting
Quitting smoking is tough work. Engaging in an online community may help people change their smoking habits.
Smoker Vs. Never-Smoker Lung Cancer
Lung cancer patients who never smoked may be treated differently in the future than those who have smoked. That’s because smoking changes a person’s genes – a lot.
All the Cool Kids Are Doing It
Smoking makes people smell bad. Who could get away with such a gross habit? The popular kids in high school may set a bad example for everyone else that smoking is cool.
Water Pipes Not Easier on Lungs
Thinking that smoking from a hookah or a water pipe is better on the body is based on myth. Tobacco smoke is tobacco smoke—any way you smoke it.
To Smoke or To Dip?
Which is more addictive - smoking tobacco or smokeless tobacco? Tobacco may be able to hook users one way or the other.
Smoke Damage Hits Low and Long
Damage from smoking can creep below our lungs. Our stomachs can hurt, the pain can spread into the colon, and the pain can stay even if we quit.
Brain Bleeds & Smoking
Smoking habits can have a number of adverse health effects. There is good news—when you finally quit smoking, you may also reduce the chances of life-threatening brain bleeds.
Monkey See, Monkey Do
What’s the best way to teach kids how to become responsible drinkers in adulthood?  Have the family and environment be a good, consistent example.