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Teens Light Up More When Movie Stars Do
Think about the last time you saw an actor smoking in a film. Did the actor look cool or dumb? Were they a "good guy" or a "bad guy?" Was the movie rated PG-13 or R? Does it matter?
Jamming the Lung Cancer Revolving Door
One of the unfortunate aspects of lung cancer is that it tends to have a high rate of recurrence. It can be treated successfully only to return, and that return often comes far too soon.
Smoking Leads to Deadly Pregnancies
It's no surprise that smoking is harmful to a pregnant woman's fetus. But smoking can also increase the risk of a woman experiencing a dangerous kind of pregnancy in the first place.
Quitting Smoking Priorities for Veterans
Veterans with a physical illness or injury are more likely to be told, ‘it’s time to quit smoking,’ than veterans with mental health disorders. All veterans need help to quit smoking. 
No Delay, Quit Today!
1-800-QUIT-NOW can link any caller in the United States to their toll-free state quitline . A 12-week ad campaign helped around half a million people try and quit smoking.
Anti-Smoking Labels Work
Since 1985, the text-only Surgeon General warning has been on the side of every single cigarette pack sold in the United States.
Cancer Trials Assess the Fire, not the Smoke
About 50 percent of all cancers are related to tobacco use, which also interferes with the effectiveness of treatments. A person's history with tobacco is important if they're participating in a cancer study. 
Elderly Smokers Should Quit Too
Most smoking cessation studies are done on middle-aged subject’s statistical data. Recent evidence suggests that quitting smoking even in a person’s 80s can extend and improve life.
Don't Make Your Kids Smoke
The reasons to quit smoking keep adding up. If you're a parent who smokes, the secondhand smoke your children inhale may contribute to bladder problems.
Quitlines for Smoking Can Help With Drinking
Smoking 'quitlines' are a cost-effective, easy to access tool to help people quit smoking.  Researchers are proposing that quitlines can also help smokers with hazardous drinking habits as well.