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Hidden Hazards of Potty Training?
All kinds of interesting mishaps can occur when toddlers are potty training. Some of those mishaps may be more painful than others for the little guys.
When Soccer Gets Down and Dirty
Maybe soccer players need more than shin pads. Young athletes can take some major blows and bruises during practice and games. And the number of injuries increase as players get older.
Waves Knock Swimmers into the ER
Splashing around in shallow water at the beach may seem low risk, but getting knocked down by a crashing wave can be very dangerous. Awareness and caution may be the key to safety.
If It's Not Your First Concussion…
When girls and boys play hard, they sometimes get hurt. But a bump on the head is nothing to shrug off, especially if it's not the first concussion.
Whap to the Head No Matter the Age
When it comes to football, age doesn't protect an athlete from a concussion. Football practice and play still poses risks for head injury no matter the age.
Men Win Care Over Women
In some places, women receive more attention and care than men. But when it comes to seeking care for severe injuries, men may be likelier to get more attention at the hospital for the same injuries.
Texting, Driving Teens Take More Risks
The dangers of texting and driving have been well established, especially for less experienced drivers. But teens who admit to texting while driving may be taking other risks as well.
A Roller Coaster Ride into the ER
As the summer months approach, millions of children look forward to rides at amusement parks. Yet even well-regulated rides can pose risks to children, especially with accidental falls.
Taking the Risk to Play at All Costs
Some football coaches instill a "do whatever it takes" attitude to play as hard as possible to win. Athletes can embrace this attitude even through a head injury.
That Concussion Will Go Away
When an athlete suffers a concussion from a hard hit to the head, it can be difficult to predict how long that concussion will last. It seems several factors may be ruled out when it comes to predicting recovery time.