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Sports Head Injury and Brain Function
Serious blows to the head that affect the brain's ability to work are among the risks of contact sports. And concussions aren't the only injuries that can affect brain function.
Athletes With Concussions Shouldn’t Play the Same Day
Athletes often like to convey the image that they’re rough, tough, and can play through any injury. However, that may not be such a good idea.
Geriatric Consult Aided Accident Recovery
Seniors can face a loss of daily independence while recovering from an accident. Meeting with a geriatric specialist may help patients get back on their feet after injury.
Symptoms Fade – Concussion Damage May Not
Even if symptoms from an injury fade, it does not always mean the body has completely healed. More scientists are learning that this can be especially true for concussion injuries.
Earlier Surgery Offered Best Recovery for Fractured Hip
A broken hip is an all too common injury for seniors and can lead to serious disability. Researchers are looking for ways to make recovery faster and safer for anyone requiring hip surgery.
Eye Protection for NHL Players
With hockey pucks flying at top speeds, hockey players can experience injuries to the eye in, well...the blink of an eye! However, there may be a way for players to reduce their risk for eye injuries.
Moving More to Prevent Falls
For older adults, recovering from a fall could take months or even years depending on its severity. Some exercise programs are designed to prevent falls and the potentially serious injuries that could result from them.
Sports Specialization Tied to Higher Injury Risk
Kids grow — they become stronger, faster and taller. But for child athletes who grow with their sport and become more focused on that one sport, their chances of getting injured may go up.
Break from the Classroom for a Concussion
Child athletes who get a concussion during play often have trouble focusing in the classroom. Bright lights and noise could add to the troubles for these kids.
High Costs of Injuries Among Elderly
Injuries among the elderly make up a large number of the total visits to the ER. But are the elderly getting the right amount of attention and treatment?