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Frailty, Not Age, Best Predicted Recovery from Trauma
Some people in their 80s may seem much younger than they actually are, while some in their 70s seem so much older and weaker than their age. When it comes to recovering from trauma, age might not be the best measure of how someone will fare.
Blood Markers May Guide Return to Play After Concussion
Even though a concussion is a somewhat common sports-related injury, it's still a very serious injury. It's important for athletes on the mend from a head injury to take it slow.
Role of Race and Age in Traumatic Injury Recovery
Aspects of people’s genetic makeup, life experiences and lifestyles may point to how well they will recover from health crises, including traumatic injury. Race and age may be among those factors.
Checking Injury in Youth Ice Hockey
As the popularity of youth ice hockey has grown in recent years, the injuries associated with it have grown as well.
Football Injury May Shrink Part of Brain
Getting a head injury is a risk that comes with playing football. A disproportionate number of athletes in that contact sport have had a concussion, a brain injury that has been increasingly in the spotlight.
Inactivity a Major Issue for Adults with Disabilities
Staying physically active is important for everyone, even for adults who cope with disabilities. And a new report suggests that many of these adults aren't getting enough activity.
Many Injuries Associated With Baby Gates
Many parents safeguard their home when they are expecting their first child. But one item meant to keep children safe may also cause them harm.
Gender May Affect Concussion Recovery Time
Sports injuries, car crashes and other accidents can lead to blows to the head that result in concussion. And some patients seem to have concussion symptoms that last longer than others.
History of Brain Injury High Among the Homeless
Homelessness is a complex problem with many causes, often including mental illness and alcohol and drug addiction. There may be another component to homelessness shared by many.
Physical Signs of Depression May Be Common in ICU
Recovering from trauma and a lengthy ICU stay might make some people depressed. But their depression may not display itself as one might expect, a new study has found.