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When Using Your Head Might Hurt
Usually, using your head is a good thing. But using your head in soccer may be hazardous, according to a new study.
New Pain Rx Gets Green Light
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new treatment for severe and long-lasting (chronic) pain.
The Risks of Football for Student Athletes
Around 1.1 million high school and 75,000 college student athletes play tackle football each year in the United States. And that puts them at risk of serious injuries.
The Impact of Brain Injuries
Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) with loss of consciousness may have a long-term impact on neurological health, a new study found.
For Shoulder Dislocations, Surgery Might Help
For young athletes who dislocate their shoulders for the first time, surgery might be a helpful option, a new study found.
The Burden of Pediatric Concussions
Many measures of how often children get concussions are based on emergency department visit data, but that may not be the most accurate way to measure, a new study found.
In Spinal Cord Rehab, Timing Matters
The human brain and nervous system have considerable healing abilities. And that is critically important for patients with spinal cord injuries.
The Story on Scar Treatment
Being a teenager can be hard enough as it is. But when a scar is added to the mix, things can get a whole lot more complicated.
Why You Should Wear Your Helmet
The effectiveness of protective headgear in bicycle-related accidents has long been a topic of debate. But new evidence suggests that Mom was right — helmets can save lives.
After a Wreck, Older Adults Might Not Quickly Bounce Back
Car accidents happen to people from all walks of life and at all ages. But that doesn't mean all people recover from these events as easily as others.