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Keep Your Head Out of the Game
It may be America's pastime, but many who play football, even in school, may not be able to remember their glory days as they age: head injuries from the game are only getting worse.
Punch Drunk Memory
Boxers and mixed martial arts (MMA) competitors take blows to the head often enough to hurt memory function. After a while the constant blows to the head turn into real brain damage that worsens even after they quit sports.
It's More Than a Bump to the Head
Bumps and bruises are as much a part of a childhood as sleepovers and mud pies - but that doesn't mean that bumps to the head shouldn't be taken seriously.
The Repercussions of Concussions
BOOM! Athletes from football to gymnastics to soccer are familiar with the dizzying effects of a concussion. But how do they know when it's safe to put their heads back in the game?
Teen Athletes Aren't Always Hard-Headed
It may be tempting to knock your teen upside the head sometimes, but it turns out a head injury might cause more problems in adolescents than in adults.
Child Abuse Costs in Emotion and Dollars
There's no question about the psychological, and sometimes, physical scars from child abuse. Suffering abuse or neglect during childhood leaves trauma issues that can often be lifelong concerns.
Receiving Too Much Attention in ICU?
Is there really such a thing as receiving too much care in a hospital's intensive care unit? Doctors and nurses think so and it may be jeopardizing the quality of care patients receive, while increasing staff turnover.
Headaches Hit Youngsters After Brain Injury
Headaches are surprisingly common for months after children and teenagers suffer a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion.
Real Life Awakenings
What level of awareness does a person have when in a vegetative state? Can a person in a coma ever wake up?
Surgical Drug Shortage Raises Concerns
U.S. doctors are grappling with a shortage of anesthesia medications, which has become increasingly common over the last decade. The lack of drugs could potentially have a serious impact on patient care and safety.