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Youth Mood After TBI
A car accident, fall from a bicycle or sports injury could result in a traumatic brain injury for a young adult. Even after the brain heals, a young person with a brain injury may still experience symptoms years later.
Severe Bumps on the Brain Can Kill
The brain controls all bodily functions, and severe injury to the brain can not only impair those functions, but could also result in premature death.
More Kids' ER Visits Doesn't Mean Worse Injuries
The issue of brain injury in children from playing sports has gained attention over the past several years. But that doesn't mean the injuries themselves have gotten worse.
Can Bumps to the Head Change Behavior?
Athletes in contact sports generally wear protective gear and take various other safety precautions. Even so, injuries do occur, including ones that can lead to brain damage.
Watch Your Head: Stroke After Brain Injury
About one in 53 Americans suffers a traumatic brain injury each year. This damage in the head may trigger an additional health problem: an increased likelihood of having a stroke.
Ouch! I Bonked my Head!
Many of us will remember what it was like to be an awkward, clumsy teenager. Remember bonking our heads on a door after staring a bit too long at our high school crush? How often are injuries like these serious?
Some Kids’ Head Injuries Heal Slower
When your kid is out biking, playing baseball or doing some other physical activity, you may worry about their safety, especially if he or she has a mental health condition.
That Goal Can Mess With Your Head
Scoring a goal by heading the ball sure looks cool on TV. Heading in soccer is not known to cause any major injuries either. Why the concern then?
Ultrasound May Be Sound for Head Trauma
Head injuries are very common in childhood, accounting for 600,000 visits to the emergency department each year in the United States. Clinical examination alone may not be able to detect internal damage.
Head Injuries May Hike Military Suicides
Trying to remain mentally well is one of the most serious challenges facing military servicemen and women who are on the battlefront and veterans at home.