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Not All Head Injury Scans Are Equal
Although most people with mild traumatic brain injury ( mTBI ) make a good recovery, about 15 percent go on to have lasting symptoms. Doctors currently have no way of knowing for certain which head injury patients will have long term difficulties.
Treating the Brain Still Hard to Do
Caring for the brain is a big deal. Traumatic brain injuries are hard to treat with medicine and they take an emotional toll on the families involved.
Easier Medical Care For Veterans
Medical research shows that head injury can lead to other neurological conditions. Unfortunately, for those exposed to blasts, crashes or other incidents during military service, there has been a gap in medical care.
Battle of the Brain Trauma
Moods shift. Personalities change. Memories are difficult to form and recall. All are signs of the brain breaking down over time and researchers are getting a better understanding of how to diagnose the condition.
How the Brain Fixes a Concussion
A bump on the head is sometimes more than just an ouch. Symptoms from a concussion or other mild traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) can last for months or even years.
Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Flops
Just because a treatment is used in many countries does not mean it is effective. Research proved this true recently with a common medication for traumatic brain injury.
Oxygen for TBI May Not Do the Trick
More soldiers have been returning from deployment with traumatic brain injury. Doctors have been looking for effective treatments for this injury. But one common treatment may not work.
Don't Be a Hard Head!
Hitting the slopes shouldn't involve hitting your head. Though helmets may be bulky and make hearing more difficult, wearing one can protect your noggin and your life.
TBI and Pesticide Increase Risk of Parkinson's
While the exact causes of Parkinson’s disease (PD) are unknown, it is likely to be from a mixture of environmental and genetic factors. Having exposure to more than one risk factor could increase the chances of developing the disease.
Men Vs. Women on Head Concussions
The number of women participating in sports grew from 1.9 million to 3.2 million between 1990 and 2010. With an increase of participation in sports comes an increase in injuries, including concussion, and a need to understand its effects.