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Gimme Shelter First
The homeless often cope with daily life by drinking heavily. A recent study shows that allowing those in public housing to consume alcohol actually decreases drinking behaviors.
Alcohol Increases Lifespan in Worms
The lifespan of certain worms can effectively be doubled by giving it a very small dose of alcohol. While the reason is unknown the study begs the question: what does this mean for humans?
The Genetic Impact of Alcoholism
Children of alcoholics may need to watch their own drinking, a new study suggests.
One Drink is One Too Many During Pregnancy
If you're thinking just one beer or just a single glass of wine during pregnancy can't hurt, think again. A new study reveals that every drop counts.
Americans Seek Therapy Frequently
A cross-cultural comparison of drinking habits yields unsavory results for the United States. Americans may drink more often, but do seek help.
Alcohol's Happy Hour
More than half of the alcohol consumed in the United States occurs during a process known as binge drinking, defined as four or more drinks for women and five or more drinks in men, suggests reports.
Teen Tobacco and Alcohol use Down, Pot Still Hot
Many parents worry about their teenagers using drugs or alcohol. Although facts still support concern, a recent survey shows steady declines in alcohol consumption and cigarette use in recent years.
Red or White? Or a Shot or a Pint?
Studies about potential health benefits of moderate wine consumption are everywhere - but new research questions whether wine is necessarily any "healthier" than beer or mixed drinks.
After Life is Almost Lost
In television series such as Law and Order and CSI, producers tug at the heartstrings of viewers with scenes encapsulating the grief of victims and their loved ones, yet how many understand the real implications of such devastating trauma?
Trazodone a Slippery Slope for Alcoholics?
Recovering alcoholics especially need the sense of normalcy and continuity that comes from empowering practices and routines. This sense of stability can be damaged by the wear and tear of sleep difficulties.