Health News

Befriend Your Child
Forming a close relationship with your teenager might have its ups and downs, but research suggests open communication promotes individual decision-making, even if the talk is not all that agreeable.  
The Dangers of Childhood Drinking
The presence of alcohol in the body brings out the worst in some people, initiating further concerns about its potential effects on minors.
TGIF Differs in ADHD
As readers digest this article, someone else in the world takes in a social drink with thoughts of relaxation. Unfortunately for those with ADHD, such a drink could have erratic cognitive consequences,
Conscious Children Say "No"
Raising children in a modern environment filled with temptations is not easy. Fortunately, doctors specializing in adolescent behavior continue to research novel treatment to aid parents with their mental health dilemmas.
Bar Drinks Costs $2 More
For many Americans, Friday is just the beginning of a three day break. During this time, alcohol consumption is not uncommon and apparently it’s extremely costly for the U.S. and you.
You Can't Drink Away Your Worries
You had a bad day and all you need is a beer to soothe your problems. That seems to be the common mindset with others as well because binge drinking is increasing during these hard times.
Drugs and Alcohol Are No Joke
Addiction doesn’t happen the first time around. It takes time for addictions to develop and still many addicts will deny their dependence. When will the denying stop and help be sought out?
Facebook Helps Identify Problematic Drinkers
Not everyone in college drinks alcohol, but every student is affected whether it’s directly or indirectly. Facebook and other social media sites can help identify under-age drinking.
Don't Drink and Drive
How often do you see commercials on television or road signs that warn against drunk driving? More awareness is being spread because drunk driving causes many unnecessary injuries and deaths.
Stay Focused You Will Recover
Getting into addiction is easy, but getting out is the hard part. Addicts need love and support no matter how bad the problem has gotten. Get them the treatment they need to make a full recovery.