Health News

You Drink I Drink
Most parents know that kids who start drinking early will have an increased risk of suffering health problems, but what can you do about it? Get to know your child's partner and friends.
Slow Down Drinking, Cancer May Be Waiting
Heavy drinking can cause many problems including liver failure and cancers –specifically colorectal cancer. Be cautious of how much you drink because risks increase as you drink more.
Imbibers Keep On Fighting
Many alcoholics seeking abstinence and recovery go to Alcoholics Anonymous. It’s a well known anti-alcohol program that helps individuals get clean, but how exactly does it work?
Do You Really Know Your Teens?
Most parents believe the best in their children even when it comes to alcohol and drugs, but peer pressure and curiosity may be more powerful than some parents want to believe.
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
The more that is understood about newborn birth defects, the clearer it is that a mom-to-be really has a great deal of control over her future baby's health.
Alcohol 101 Available Online
For some, college is a time to explore which may lead students to drink too much. The consequences that follow could be disastrous and an online class might help prevent those behaviors.
Alcohol Dependence Depends on Metabolism
Alcoholism can happen at any age in life and it seems like men and women react differently to alcohol dependence. A genetic variation may explain the difference.
Sleep Disrupted
Excessive amounts of alcohol are associated with tons of problems. It can even disrupt sleep patterns. There seems to be no end to the dangers that come with drinking too much alcohol.
Blame It On the Alcohol
Wake up and smell the orange juice without the Vodka. Alcohol is no joke. People are injured and even worse dying from alcohol related accidents. Shop owners have a say in these problems.
An Expensive Tanning Deal
Bronze, golden skin is part of the definition of American beauty. Many people have resorted to tanning beds, which seems to be accompanied by addiction and skin cancer. Researchers have found why tanners can’t stop tanning.