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RA Heart Aches From Smoking and Age
Rheumatoid arthritis patients have a higher risk of heart-related problems, including hardened arteries. In order to protect the heart health of these patients, researchers must find what causes these heightened risks.
Not All Coronary Heart Patients Need Stents
Not all stable patients with coronary artery disease will receive an added benefit from initial implantation of a stent to prop open a clogged artery.
Fish Oil Helps Teensy Hearts
Babies unable to grow to the size they're genetically supposed to reach suffer from intrauterine growth restriction, a risk factor for future cardiovascular problems.
Absorbing Stent Posts Early Trial Success
A new bioabsorbable stent used to prop open blood vessels following a procedure to open blocked arteries has shown promise in an early trial among coronary artery disease patients.
Garlic is Great for Keeping Cholesterol Low
Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, what lifestyle or diet changes you make, your cholesterol won't drop below 200. It turns out that all that might be missing from your diet is a little (or a lot) more garlic.
A Hearty Dose of Insulin Therapy
People with diabetes are often treated with insulin. Now, it seems that insulin also can repair some of the damage done by heart disease, a condition that diabetes patients are especially prone to.
Stents Prevent Stroke in High Risk Patients
High risk patients with carotid artery disease are not eligible for traditional surgery to remove plaque clogging a key neck artery. A stent to prop the artery open now appears to be a safer option for such high risk patients.
Too Much of a Good Thing
Though many people are deficient in vitamin D, it's possible to go too far to make up the difference. The "sunshine vitamin" may only protect the heart if you have the right amount.
The RA Heart Left Unprotected
The inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis can affect more than the joints; it also poses a threat to the heart. When it comes to protecting the heart health of rheumatoid arthritis patients, certain drugs are falling short.
How Reliable a Link?
Though men who have vascular erectile dysfunction appear to be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, that doesn't mean ED alone should be considered a risk factor.