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Why Some Women Don't Take Their Breast Cancer Rx
Some women who faced a high risk of breast cancer did not take a preventive medication because they confused symptoms of aging with side effects, a new study found.
An Update on Advanced Breast Cancer
The number of women living with distant advanced breast cancer is increasing, according to a new study.
The Test That Could Save Women's Lives
Many women who had a raised risk of breast and ovarian cancer were not being tested for a gene that signifies a much higher cancer risk, a new study found.
New Breast Cancer Rx Approved
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new medication to treat breast cancer.
Keeping Breast Cancer from Coming Back
Physical activity may be the most important lifestyle choice in helping to keep breast cancer from coming back, according to a new study.
The Problem with False Positives
Women who receive a false positive result on a mammogram screening may be more likely to skip or delay their next screening, according to a new study. And that could put their health at risk.
Breast Cancer: The Effect of Side Effects
Around half of women undergoing treatment for early stage breast cancer reported severe side effects, according to a new study.
Breast Cancer Survival: Going Up
In many parts of the world, breast cancer may not be quite as deadly as it used to be, according to a new study.
In Breast Reconstruction, Age May Not Matter
When measuring outcomes in breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, age may be just a number, a new study found.
How Precision Medicine Helped Breast Cancer Treatment
Advances in precision medicine have improved breast cancer treatment, according to a new study.