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Dementia may Increase Risk of Hospitalization
People with dementia are more likely to be hospitalized for minor medical conditions, which may be linked to less effective preventative care for people with dementia.
Depression may Increase Risk of Dementia
Depression is fairly common in older adults, and older adults with dementia may also suffer from depression. There may be a link between depression and risk of developing dementia.  
How Does Alzheimer's Impact a Brain
Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is associated with loss of thinking and memory, and changes in the brain structure and function appear for people with AD. Understanding these changes may lead to better treatments. 
Risks of Feeding Tubes in Dementia
People with dementia often need help eating and are at higher risk of getting pressure sores. Feeding tubes are often used to ensure that patients are getting all the nutrients they need, but do feeding tubes help?
There's No Place Like Home - To Die
Movie images of families visiting their aging, senile relatives in nursing homes doesn't quite reflect reality. In fact, those with dementia are more often than not at home.
Fighting Alzheimer’s With Money
A government supported plan will support people with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers and work towards keeping new people from developing the disease. The goal – better treatment and care by 2025.
Caring for Loved Ones with Dementia
It is not a situation hoped for, but one many people will have to tackle. As loved ones age and mental capacities fade, how do you handle proper care and ensure a high quality of life? Luckily, as numbers grow and research proliferates, our knowledge and understanding of dementia increases as well. Information about how to provide a happy, rewarding and loving life for these patients is now widely available.
Aging in the Information Age
The “information age” has given many people more access to social activities and learning through computers. Elderly people who stay mentally active using computers may lower their risk of losing cognitive abilities.
How do Pain Medications Relate to Alzheimers?
In a large Canadian study, researchers found that people who took certain types of pain medications were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease, but it is not clear why.
Is Dementia Actually on the Decline?
The medical world is abuzz with data to come out of a longitudinal study about the prevalence of dementia. It may be possible that advances in blood pressure and cholesterol medications are keeping the brain safer.