Health News

Get Moving to Prevent Diabetes
Echoing what past studies have suggested, a new study found that being fit may send diabetes and prediabetes running.
Exercise Vs. Cancer Risk
Getting more exercise could mean a lower risk for many types of cancer, a new study found.
Eat Like an Athlete
Whether you’re a marathon runner or you get your exercise walking the dog, how you fuel your body is a key component of staying healthy and fit. How do the top-performing athletes do it? Read on to find out.
Lose Weight on Your Way to Work
Adults who cycle or walk to work may have lower body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) in midlife, compared to adults who drive.
Stay Active to Stay Sharp
Need another reason to exercise? Reducing your risk of Alzheimer's may be as simple as working in the garden or taking a walk each day.
What Exercise Could Do for Men's Bones
Bone health is probably something you don't plan on worrying about until you're older. But for men, bone health later in life may have something to do with their earlier years.
Diabetes and Sitting: A Potential Link
OK, couch potatoes — here's yet another reason to get moving.
Exercise — For Your Heart's Sake
There are many reasons not to be a couch potato, and here may be one more.
Weight Loss: Diet With a Side of Exercise
Exercise is important when you're trying to lose weight, but it may not be the only factor.
Exercise to the Rescue for Menopause Relief
A sedentary lifestyle is bad thing for just about everyone, but it may be especially harmful to menopausal women.