Health News

Why You Should Take a Walk at Work
Here's another reason to take a quick break at work: Getting up from your desk and strolling around the office could help your vascular health.
Have Diabetes, Will Exercise
Exercise may be at the heart of good diabetes control. Literally.
Health Benefits of Cycling
Biking is a green alternative to driving and can save you cash on gas and parking but, most importantly, it’s a great way to stay healthy. Read on to learn some of the health benefits of cycling.
Walk Your Way to Heart Health
If Goldilocks took her love of moderation all the way to exercise, she might have discovered that her heart was "just right."
The Importance of Exercise for Young Teens
Exercise is important for people of all ages, but when it comes to diabetes risk, staying active during the early teen years might have particularly big benefits.
For Older Adults, a Little Exercise Might Do A Lot
Have you given up on exercise? A lot of older people do, but you may want to consider this.
Keeping Kids Active When Summer Ends
When it's summertime, kids tend to spend their days playing outside or splashing around at the pool. And all that activity is a good thing. But how can you help keep your kid's activity level up when school starts again?
Why Teen Girls Need to Exercise
If you needed another reason to get your teen daughter to drop the phone and get off the couch, here it is.
Alternative Forms of Exercise
There are tons of fun ways to get in shape that will make you want to sweat.  Check out these fresh alternative forms of exercise that are sure to take you by surprise. 
The More Exercise, The Better For Older Women
For most people, slimming down can lower the risk for many conditions. But, for postmenopausal women, maintaining a healthy weight may be especially important.