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Young People Still Vulnerable to HIV
It's been 24 years since the first World AIDS Day. There have been great advancements in fighting HIV/AIDS, but new infections in young people means there's still a long way to go.
Race Plays a Role in HIV/HCV Fatalities
These days, people with HIV are most likely to die from complications of an opportunistic infection. But can race make a difference in how disease plays out?
Boosting Brains for Older Adults with HIV
Memory loss and cognitive decline is a common concern as we age into our later years. But for long-lived patients with HIV, the process can start earlier than usual.
Hospitals See Fewer Errors With Smarter Electronic Records
Patients with HIV are tasked with taking a complicated regimen of drugs on a daily basis. But you think that staff at a hospital could keep everything straight, right?  Given the complexity of HIV medications, hospitals have issues too.
Raising AIDS Awareness Among Hispanics
Hispanics make up the fastest growing population in America. They're also among the most heavily impacted by HIV and AIDS – and an important piece of the puzzle of putting an end to AIDS.
One Type of Cancer On The Rise in HIV+ Women
The human papillomavirus – HPV – doesn’t just cause cervical cancer. It is linked to several others including anal cancer. Diagnosed in about 6,200 Americans each year, anal cancer is more common in women than in men. And some women are particularly at risk.
Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness Among Gay Men
When AIDS first captured headlines in the 1980s, many thought that it could only be spread among gay men. While that theory has long been debunked, gay men are still at high risk for HIV.
Facing the Threat of Cancer With AIDS
Here's the thing about having a chronic disease that weakens your immune system: It puts you at higher risk for developing cancer, in addition to the disease you already deal with.
Perfection Required By HIV Drugs
It's a challenge to take medication perfectly every day, especially if you're on it for the rest of your life. So is it a big deal if you slip up every once in a while?
How Does HIV Affect the Brain?
HIV-related dementia, known as AIDS dementia complex, can create memory problems and changes in behavior. Scientists are trying to understand how HIV affects the brain.