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Go to Rehab, Get Tested for HIV
File this under things that just make sense: Providing HIV testing to people in drug abuse treatment programs. But currently, less than half of community-based programs make it available.
Know Your Risk: Hepatitis C and HIV
You may not know if you've been infected with hepatitis C. It's earned the nickname “the silent epidemic” by hiding its symptoms until it's caused significant damage to your liver.
Truvada for Heterosexual Men and Women
Should an HIV prevention pill be prescribed only to those who are at the highest risk? That's the question that doctors grapple with after the FDA approved Truvada as a preventative drug.
Are Gay Couples Practicing Safe Sex Equally?
To use a condom or to not use a condom? For gay couples, the answer was different among different races.
HIV Drug Gets Approval from FDA
For more than a decade, HIV patients relied on a heavy “cocktail” of pills to keep the virus at bay. Now, there's the option of taking only one daily pill that combines four drugs.
Official Circumcision Policy Updated
To cut, or not to cut? That is literally the centuries-old question. The American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) has wavered on their position regarding circumcision.
New HIV Drug Comes With a High Price
It's never cheap to treat a life-long disease. A debate about the cost of HIV treatment has sprung up with the approval of a new drug that some say is too expensive for patients.
Home HIV Test as Prevention Strategy?
It's been thirty years since AIDS began teaching a hard lesson about the importance of safe sex. And yet, some people haven't learned. So what – if anything – can protect them from HIV?
Can Nurses Replace Doctors for HIV Care?
Can nurses do the job of a doctor? When it comes to providing HIV care in areas where doctors are in short supply, transferring some duties to nurses might mean major benefits.
Where Does HIV/AIDS Live?
We know that the spread of HIV/AIDS is not bound by borders. But it has hit some parts of the country harder than others – a startling fact when seen on a map.