Health News

Killer Paper with a Silver Lining
Scientists have developed a new material that fights the bacteria that is responsible for food-borne illness. This is good news considering last years spate of food-borne illness scares.
Down and Out Without B12
About 1 in 1,000 Americans (and 15 percent of elderly people) are deficient in vitamin B12, an essential nutrient needed to produce red blood cells and DNA, which help keep the nervous system in check.
The FDA's High Hopes for 2011
The FDA recently revealed its new plan for 2011 to speed up the availability of medical devices by improving review processes and establishing a new council of senior FDA experts.
Are You a Candidate for Refractive Eye Surgery?
Patients who wish to undergo elective refractive eye surgery must meet a number of criteria before they can be considered for the procedure.
Viral Quackery may be the best place to watch a squirrel water ski or would-be American Idols warble their way through Lady Gaga tunes, but it's is not the best place to catch up on CPR tips.
Stimulating Effects
Deep brain stimulation has proven beneficial for some treatment-resistant cases of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), depressive disorders and Tourette syndrome.
Texas Hold 'Em - Responsible
A Texas district court has ordered a permanent injunction against Deltex Pharmaceuticals for violating FDA regulations and manufacturing unapproved and misbranded products.
Affordable Care Act to the Rescue?
A recent study finds that a disconnect between Medicare coverage for preventive services and a task force charged with reviewing those services for older adults can be mended by healthcare reform.
The Toxic Bodies of Pregnant Women
According to research from the University of California at San Francisco, practically all pregnant women in the U.S. have numerous foriegn chemicals in their bodies.
Schmaltzy Fish Recalled
Packages of Ossie’s Schmaltz Herring have been recalled due to potential Listeria contamination, a bacterium that can cause potentially fatal infections in children and older adults.