Health News

Systolic vs Diastolic: Different Heart Risks for Different Readings
High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and other health problems. A closer look at blood pressure readings may foretell the specific type of health troubles that lie ahead.
MRI Can Identify Who May Benefit From Stroke Rx
Clot-dissolving stroke medication can save lives if given within hours of a stroke. A new method may help pinpoint those who are most helped and those most harmed by this treatment.
Exercise Can Lift Lives of Stroke Survivors
Although a stroke can limit a person’s ability to move, many who have had a stroke can still join in physical activities. Exercise can improve their fitness and prevent stroke from recurring.
Link Between Sleep Apnea and Stroke Same for Both Genders
Stroke is a risk that comes with having sleep apnea. While certain health disorders may affect men and women differently, sleep apnea may not be one of those disorders.
Migraines Might Affect Stroke Risk
People with a history of migraines may have to take steps to avoid another serious health problem, according to new research.
Overdosing on Exercise
Exercise is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. But for some people, it appears there is such thing as too much exercise.
GI Bleeding Higher in Pradaxa vs. Warfarin
The prescription blood-thinners Pradaxa (dabigatran) and warfarin aim to reduce stroke and other cardiovascular disorders, but like most medications, they do carry some risks.
FDA Compares Risks of Pradaxa and Warfarin
FDA research has taken a closer look at the risks of two medications commonly used to lower the risk for stroke and blood clots.
Many Not Getting Statins When They May Benefit
People take statin medications to fight high cholesterol. While these medications also may help those with high heart risks but not high cholesterol, statins are not always prescribed to those patients.
FDA Approves Rx to Lower Heart Attack and Stroke Risk
The FDA has approved a medication to lower various cardiovascular risks in certain high-risk patients.