Health News

Faster Atrial Fibrillation Treatments Had Better Outcomes
A sudden change in heart rhythm is a scary and serious condition that can predict life-threatening illnesses like heart failure and stroke. But immediate treatment may decrease risks for those illnesses.
Too Much Exercise May Be a Bad Thing
Cardiovascular exercise like running or walking has a number of health benefits. But too much exercise may be unhealthy, especially after a heart attack.
Brain Function Affected Stroke Risk
After a stroke, patients often show slower brain function. But declining memory and attention in stroke-free adults may be a risk factor for future strokes.
High Blood Pressure May Predict Mental Decline
High blood pressure is associated with serious medical issues like heart disease and stroke. But it may also affect mental clarity later in life.
Lower Blood Pressure May Not Mean Lower Risk
The increased risk of heart problems in patients with elevated blood pressure is well-established. But lower blood pressure may not decrease the risk of stroke, heart attack and other complications.
Temperature Changes Tied to Deaths From Heart Problems
Heat waves or blasts of cold may be uncomfortable or inconvenient, but results from a new study suggest they could even be dangerous to your health.
Running for Life
With so many options for exercise, it can be tough to choose one that will fit into your schedule and provide the maximum health benefits. Taking up running might be one of your best bets.
Simple Screening Could Help Prevent Second Stroke
Stoke patients are at an increased risk of having a second stroke in the months after the first one. New research may provide information that can help patients, families or caregivers know if another stroke is coming.
Stroke Risk Lingered Two Years After Heart Surgery
Most people who have cardiac surgery are aware of the risks — irregular heart beats, infection and stroke. What many may not realize is the risk for stroke may last long after the surgery is over.
Fitness May Counteract Cons of Sedentary Life
A sedentary lifestyle may not seem dangerous, but it can put good  health in peril. Some physical activity, however, may remedy its ill effects.