Health News

Fruits and Veggies Every Day May Keep Stroke Away
Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death and disability in the United States. What if you could help prevent stroke without leaving the kitchen? 
Smoking Affects More Than Your Lungs
Lung cancer and emphysema are usually at the top of the list of smoking risks, but there are many more ways smoking can harm the body.
Promising Rx for Heart Disease Didn't Deliver
Drug trials exist for a reason — so researchers can check a medication’s effectiveness and side effects to be sure it’s safe for human consumption. Unfortunately, not all medications live up to their initial promise.
New Guidelines Target Lowering Repeat Stroke Risk
At least a quarter of the 795,000 Americans who have a stroke each year will have another stroke within their lifetime. New guidelines, however, may help cut this rate of recurrence.
Many Deaths From Common Causes Are Preventable
Preventing early deaths is a key goal in the health field, and may be possible in bigger numbers than many thought. In a new study, researchers explored these preventable deaths.
The Cause of Stroke Is Not Always Known
Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are all linked to stroke. However, avoiding known risk factors still may not prevent a stroke from happening.
Stroke Prevention: Who Should Get Screened and When
While stroke can happen to anyone, certain risk factors put some people in more peril than others. For those at high risk, new screening methods can help spot problems before stroke occurs.
Most Want Clot-Busting Rx When Stroke Strikes
When a clot blocks blood flow to the brain, medication given immediately can limit damage. Stroke victims, however, may not be able to communicate their willingness to receive such therapy.
The Health Risks of Sleep Apnea
Having one health condition can often put someone at risk for another health condition. Such is the case with obstructive sleep apnea, a common but underdiagnosed sleep disorder.
Curbing Serious Diabetes-Related Sickness
From stroke to lost limbs, diabetes can create a series of other sicknesses. The medical community has been focused on curbing rates of serious health problems that are linked to diabetes.