Health News

Children Arriving by C May Grow Bigger
Both the rate of obesity and the rate of elective C-sections have been increasing in the U.S. Though no evidence exists to say one causes another, they may be linked.
Nutrition Fights Off Gestational Obesity
When you’re pregnant, doctors advise you to keep your weight in check to ensure that mama and baby stay healthy. But often, they don’t tell moms exactly how to manage their weight.
Air Pollution Link to Childhood Obesity
It may not just be chicken nuggets and french fries adding too much weight to children's waistlines. The very air pregnant women breathe might play a small role too.
Even a Little Overweight is Bad for Baby
If you think being just a little overweight won't present problems for your pregnancy, think again. Addressing your weight could mean a safer delivery for you and your baby.
A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend
Gaining too much extra weight while pregnant can cause problems for mother and baby alike. One solution might be to bring in a third party - a dog.
Small Plates May Not Equal Diet Success
Experts have long suggested dieters might receive an added boost in cutting calories simply by eating meals on smaller plates. New research suggests that theory may be a myth.
Obesity During Pregnancy Inflames Risks
If you’re obese and pregnant, a nutritious diet may not ensure you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. A new study shows that inflammation in your body, caused by obesity, can have harmful health effects for both the mother and child.
Eat Mindfully at Your Favorite Haunts
Avoiding restaurants because of your diet? A new study says you may not have to if you make smart, "mindful" choices.
Thyroid Check for Prenatal Care?
More pregnant women may have low thyroid levels than doctors currently realize - over five times more than the currently accepted rate of two to three percent.
Insulin May Play a Role in Lasting Weight Loss
New Year’s is fast approaching and your resolution to lose weight is just days away from beginning. Dropping pounds may be easy for some, but keeping it off is the bigger battle.