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Safety First: Got To Be 21 to Drink
At 18 years of age, Americans are considered legal adults with rights and responsibilities. So why is 21 the legal drinking age? The tendency to binge drink may have something to do with it.
Mixing Mental Health and Substance Use
If you're treating a teen for mental health, it's important to understand the big picture. The big picture includes how much they drink, smoke or use marijuana.
Are Alcoholism and Depression Linked?
We already know that heavy drinking can lead to depression, and that heavy depression can lead to drinking. But does that mean alcoholism and major depression are always linked?
Would You Like a Piña Colada?
It’s no secret that compatibility is an important part of any successful marriage. Is compatibility also important when it comes to drinking? Spouses who share similar drinking habits may get along better.
Too Many Drunken Suicides
Certain ethnicities may be at higher risk for committing suicide while intoxicated. It’s not clear why these groups have a higher risk, but the information could be used for suicide prevention strategies.
Alcohol Ads: What Do Kids See?
What do kids learn when they see TV advertisements that make drinking look awesome? They certainly aren’t learning to wait till they’re old enough.
Do Docs Have a Chance to Sober Up Teens?
Where can teens learn the truth about unhealthy drinking habits? Doctors are an authority on the health risks. Maybe a quick word during an exam could increase education.
Addiction Treatment Needs Wider Reach
Rehab can help some addicts quit alcohol and drug abuse. However, rehab doesn't work for everyone. Proper funding, being able to get and hold down a job and access to education could be key factors in successful rehabilitation.
Can DUIs Be Predicted?
Why are some people more likely to drink and drive than others? Is it a cultural issue? New research suggests it may be linked with attitudes about alcohol in the home during the teen years.
Bipolar Disorder and Drug Abuse in Teens
Substance abuse, or drug abuse, is common in people with bipolar disorder. A recent study looked for substance abuse risk factors in kids and teens with bipolar disorder.