Health News

Doctors to Screen for Alcohol Misuse
During routine visits to a primary care doctor, adults may be asked about their drinking habits. There’s no need to feel singled out; the questions will be asked of everyone.
Texting, Driving Teens Take More Risks
The dangers of texting and driving have been well established, especially for less experienced drivers. But teens who admit to texting while driving may be taking other risks as well.
Boozing to Manage Mood
Using alcohol to cope with symptoms of a mental health issue can result in alcohol dependence. Short-term alcohol dependence can easily turn into long-term dependence.
Heavyweight Drinkers
Heavy drinking can burden anyone’s liver. But in people who are also overweight, heavy drinking may really push the liver past its limits.
Getting Smashed: A Real Heart Breaker
In college, some young adults might feel invincible. But risky behaviors like binge drinking may disrupt a young adult’s blood flow and put him or her at risk for heart disease later in life.
Safety First Means Sober Driving
Sober drivers get in car crashes every day. Adding alcohol, drugs or prescription medications to the equation can really compound the risk for winding up in a wreck.
Unhealthy Cocktail After Stomach Surgery
When the weight won't come off, patients can consider surgery on their stomachs to shed the pounds. Though surgery can be helpful in losing weight, one procedure might have more risks than others when it comes to drinking alcohol.
Go Ahead, Have The Alcohol Talk
Parents may feel like their teenagers don’t listen. But when it comes to talking to teens about dangerous drinking, parents can make a real impact.
After ICU, Alcoholics Likely Return
After leaving the intensive care unit of a hospital, many patients wind up back in the hospital—especially patients with alcohol use disorders and mental health conditions.
Childhood Woes Impact Adult Stability
For alcoholics, suicide attempts may have more to do with childhood troubles than their current circumstances. Looking at their whole past may shed light on future risks.