Health News

Obesity During Pregnancy Inflames Risks
If you’re obese and pregnant, a nutritious diet may not ensure you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy baby. A new study shows that inflammation in your body, caused by obesity, can have harmful health effects for both the mother and child.
Plavix Allergy May be so Passe'
Allergic reactions to Plavix can lead many people to stop taking it and miss out on valuable treatment. Luckily, it looks like the allergic reaction to Plavix can be overcome.
Do You Know Your Food Allergies?
Pediatric food allergies may be on the rise in children. To help better manage allergies and educate parents, allergists are taking a page from childhood asthma education.
New Allergy Testing Guidelines
Allergy testing is a common practice to determine a child's allergy. A new advisory is cautioning pediatricians against using the test solely to diagnose allergies.
Hay Fever Hits Hardest at the Start of Spring
While there may be snow on the ground, it's never too early to talk about the spring. The beginning of spring means the return of hay fever, itchy eyes and sneezing.
Cockroaches and Mice are Asthma's BFF
Cockroaches and mice are not just pests but are also a cause for allergic reactions. A new study shows it is common for children with asthma to be sensitive to cockroaches or mice.
'Egg-cellent' Flu Shots
If your child has an egg allergy, chances are, you have been cautioned against giving them a flu shot. However, just in time for flu season, it turns out flu shots do not cause an allergic reaction.
Uncovering Asthma and Allergy Triggers
For asthma and allergies most of the news is about new ways to manage rather than treat it. Scientists have made the first steps in understanding how asthma and allergies work which can lead to some new treatment options.
Babies Who Eat Fish at Lower Risk of Pre-School Wheeze
Some moms may be reluctant to give their baby fish because of concern over fish mercury levels. However, new moms may want to reconsider fish as part of their infant’s diet, as a recent study shows that feeding your baby fish in the first nine months can help prevent pre-school wheeze.
Ditch the Itch
Itching is one of the most common side effects of powerful pain-killing drugs such as morphine, oxycodone and other opioids. Even women who get epidurals for labor pain often complain of itching.