Health News

An End to Allergic Reactions?
Allergies to peanuts. Allergies to penicillin. These and other allergies along with asthmatic allergic reactions might be a thing of the past if current research proves successful.
Safely Dining With Allergies
For people with who have food allergies or sensitivities, eating at restaurants can be a health hazard. Even when the staff and chefs are accommodating, cross contamination can still happen in the kitchen, which can have serious health consequences for the diner.
Is Your Nose Plugged?
The autumn can bring all sorts all cold, allergy and sinus symptoms. The nose during this time of year seems often to be either runny or stuffed up.
Preventing a Sneezy, Wheezy Halloween
Ghosts and goblins aren't the only scary things out and about at Halloween. The holiday has a number of potential triggers for kids dealing with allergies and asthma.
Food Allergy Party Pooper
A first anaphylactic episode a child experiences that indicates a food allergy can be a very frightening event for both the parents and child. Some modify their lifestyles greatly to accommodate their fears.
Peanut Allergy in Your DNA
Have you ever been on a plane and the stewardess announces no complimentary peanuts can be handed out because someone has a severe peanut allergy? This happens more and more and the allergy can be genetically caused.
Tough Toughing Out Allergy Season
With ragweed season having already arrived in most parts of the country, many decide not to treat their allergies or assume they just have a cold or sinus infection.
High Alert For Moldy Midwest
During allergy and asthma season, high mold counts indicate big problems for allergy and asthma sufferers. This summer, the midwest is nowhere to be for these patients.
Breastfeeding Still the Best Baby Formula
Children's incidence of food allergies is on the rise. Labeling a baby formula as hypoallergenic is a fabulous marketing strategy, but it should deliver the goods as advertised.
Hidden in the Tea Leaves
Research has confirmed that tea has lots of beneficial and healthy compounds. However, not all ingredients in tea are always listed, which could be worrisome for some health-conscious people.  What’s a tea lover to do?