Health News

Where Men are Men and Allergens Scared
Men have deeper voices, stronger muscles  more body hair and less susceptibility to inflammatory diseases. Thanks very much, testosterone.
Pollution TRAP and Asthma
If you've ever fueled up at a truck stop, there's no doubt you've inhaled exhaust from diesel-fueled vehicles. Clearly, this is something to avoid, if at all possible.
Hay Fever Readiness Revealed
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is the case with ragweed allergies. Allergists are forecasting hay fever will soon arrive in most parts of the country.
New Breakfast Staple for Babies: Eggs
Parents often wake their children by asking, "What do you want for breakfast?" It's time to start serving up those eggs for babies.
The Gift of Contact Allergies
Allergy sufferers may actually be blessed with a protective barrier from certain cancers thanks to their "ready to attack anything" immune systems.
Do-It-Yourself Breathing a Little Easier Now
Allergy relief is often a blessing for seasonal allergy sufferers, but ridding your home of irritating allergens can be a costly endeavor. HEPA filters can be very expensive.
Slow and Steady Wins the Milk Allergy Race
In "The Tortoise and the Hare," the tortoise's slow, steady pace won the race with the too-quick-to-assume victory hare. This slow and steady approach seems to help kids in outgrowing dairy allergies.
Ancient Korean Herb's Method Observed
Ancient herbal remedies are sometimes worthwhile. In this case, the ancient Koreans using So-Cheong-Ryong-Tang (SCRT) to treat allergies may have been on to something.
Powder Making Hay With Hay Fever
Hay fever, which is caused by a pollen allergy, is the most common seasonal allergy. Itchy, sneezy, runny noses are just some of its nagging symptoms.
Children Up on Downer Food Allergies
Parents need to be on food allergy alert! Food allergies can be deadly. A soon to be published article indicates that dietary allergies in children are much more prevalent than previously thought.