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Understanding Diabulimia
Diabulimia. You might have heard this new buzzword, but did you know it refers to a serious health problem?
Put Down the Fork: Rx Could Curb Binge-Eating
Patients with binge-eating disorder face a lack of approved treatments for their condition. A new medication could give hope to these patients.
Family Therapies Effectively Treated Anorexia in Teens
Families play an important role in mental health — and that role may be key to treating teens with anorexia, a new study suggests.
Eating Disorders Are Not Just a Women's Issue
Eating disorders are common among teenagers and young adults. However, these conditions are usually assumed to affect only women, making the issue even more critical for men.
Hormone may Help Anorexia Patients' Perceptions
People with eating disorders often have social difficulties, as well. One hormone may improve how people with anorexia perceive the world around them. 
Children Don’t Recognize Eating Disorders in Themselves
Eating disorders exist in children of all ages, but recent research suggests that different symptoms should be looked for in children age 12 and under than in older children.
Early Eating Disorders Predicted Body Mass Later
Many young teens are very concerned about weight. For some teens, that concern can develop into an eating disorder, which can lead to many health problems.
Too Much Exercise Linked to Eating Disorders
Eating disorders can be about much more than what a person eats or doesn't eat. For some people, over-exercising may be a sign of an eating disorder.
Getting to the Root of Eating Disorders
Eating disorders leading to obesity or anorexia are widespread and growing in number. Poor success rates of current treatments have led researchers to look for new therapies.
When Men Are Dissatisfied with Their Bodies
Typically, eating disorders and concerns about one's body image are thought to be mainly prevalent among girls and young women. But men are not immune to these problems.