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More Calories for Faster Anorexia Recovery
Anorexia is a serious eating disorder that can lead to hospitalization. Those hospitalized for it often require "re-feeding" to recover.
More Pillow Time, Less Weight Worries for Teens
Teens may be famous for not getting all the sleep they need — or getting too much. Either way, getting sufficient sleep may be important for both their weight and mental health.
Signs of Recovery from Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are illnesses that affect both adults and youth. In a recent study, researchers pinpointed a number of factors that predict long-term recovery from eating disorders.
When Love Gets in the Stomach’s Way
Love makes people do some strange things. It may even affect people's eating and dieting habits. When people want their loved ones to diet, it's a lot more likely to happen.
Stay Up Late, Eat More
The risk of becoming overweight if you don't get enough sleep has been known for a while among researchers. The question is what might be the cause of possible weight gain for sleep-deprived folks.
Talking to Teens About Weight & Size
Talking to teenagers about weight can be tough. Taking the conversation in the wrong direction may trigger unhealthy dieting behaviors.
Estrogen Eased Anxiety in Anorexia
People with the eating disorder anorexia nervosa may also experience symptoms of anxiety. Hormone replacement therapy may, in some ways, ease certain anxieties in anorexia patients.
Specified Treatments for Anorexia
There are no easy fixes for eating disorders. But a new study may shed light on what types of therapy can be most effective at helping patients with anorexia.
Ok With Pain, But Not With Gain
Exercise is important for health, but over-exercise may be a symptom of a deeper problem. Those with eating disorders that also over-exercise may be battling deeper troubles.
Anorexia Loses When Period Returns
Dangerous weight loss as a result of an eating disorder can get in the way of a normal menstrual cycle. But when treatment works, girls gain weight and get their cycle back.