Health News

Human Platelet Creation to be Attempted
Inherited bleeding and clotting disorders are not well understood. Scientists hope that a study to create human platelet cells, which could aid chemotherapy patients in need of platelet transfusions, will provide insight into platelet function.
Signature Genetic Material Leads to Stroke
Strokes can be tough to treat. Scientists have discovered a common genetic thread with plaques that can build up and lead to stroke. It could be a key piece of the puzzle in new treatments.
Approved Anemia Treatment Betters Potent Drug
In the United States, there is only one approved aplastic anemia drug today. Doctors pondered whether a potent medication approved in Europe may better treat anemia.
New Sensor Detects Heavy Metal Levels
Doctors usually must wait 48 hours to learn the results of blood tests for the heavy metal manganese. A new lab-on-a-chip sensor will simplify and streamline that test. It can produce results in 10 minutes.
When One Drug Doesn't Work Another One Does
The medication Gleevec ( imatinib ) remains the standard of care for people newly diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ). But not all patients respond well to this medicine, and now they have an alternative.
Southeastern United States Leads the Way With Sepsis Reports
There's the traditional "stroke belt" across the southeastern United States where death from stroke is much higher. But new research suggests there also is a "blood stream infection belt" that very closely mirrors the stroke belt.
New Knees May Lead to Blood Clots
Joint replacement surgery might seem fairly routine in today's on-demand health care system. The added risk for blood clots in the lungs following knee operations can add an extra complication.
Low Blood Pressure During Dialysis May Lead to Clots
It's been known that low blood pressure while undergoing kidney dialysis is linked to some nasty side effects. Now the risk of blood clots has been added to that expanding list.
The Risks of Rural Life
It seems so idyllic - the farm life does. Yet new research finds that children who grew up on a livestock farm are at greater risk for developing certain types of cancer.
Rare Blood Disorder Gene Found
Some diseases are so rare that even figuring out how to diagnose them can be tricky. The discovery of a gene for an extremely rare blood disorder could help make it easier to diagnose through DNA testing.