Health News

Genetic Maps of African Americans
Certain congenital diseases such as sickle cell anemia predominantly affect blacks. The University of Oxford constructed the first detailed genetic map from African American genetic information that may allow for better treatment of such diseases.
Blood Cleaning Provides New Transplant Options
Finding a transplant match is no easy task. In addition to organ size and donor age, blood types must also match. A novel procedure may make the blood type issue a thing of the past.
Clues to Blood Clotting
Evolutionary clues have led scientists to a discovery of how a key clotting protein assembles. This could aid in better understanding, and possibly treatments for common bleeding disorders.
CML Hope After all Else has Failed
Leukemia begins in the bone marrow. Medications can treat most forms of this cancer, but drugs don't work for everyone. Scientists are trying to find new answers – and hope.
TB Blood Tests Inaccurate
Blood tests are one method that has been relied on to diagnosis tuberculosis (TB). Now the World Health Organization has warned that such blood tests can frequently be inaccurate and lead to unsuitable treatments.
Diesel Fuel Linked to Heart Attack
Compared to any number of dangerous situations someone can find themselves in, driving a car fueled by diesel hardly seems risky. But exhaust fumes may be deceptively nipping at heart health.
Aged Blood Less Safe
United States blood banks deploy rigid testing protocols and are generally considered safe. However, the breakdown of red blood cells in stored blood may cause complications for those receiving transfusions.
New Therapy for Leukemia in the Works
Chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ) results when the growth of white blood cells goes berserk and too many are produced in the bone marrow. A new method to treat this disease is being studied.
From the Brain to the Heart
There are countless cell types, but heart cells remain a hot commodity in regenerative medicine. That's because doctors suspect they can be used to replace lost tissue in injured hearts.
ODAC Recommends Accelerated Approval of new Lymphoma Drug
The Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee ( ODAC ) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has voted unanimously to recommend that the FDA grant accelerated approval of Adcetris ( brentuximab vedotin ).