Health News

Kids Itchy Now, Asthmatic Later?
Dry, itchy skin and rashes in toddlers over the long-term could be a sign of future breathing problems.
Don’t Play in Traffic!
Most parents don’t like the idea of their children breathing in dirty air, but might not know whether or not it has long term consequences. Unfortunately, it does.
Secondhand Smoke Gets In Your Lungs
If a whiff of cigarette smoke makes you feel ill, your instincts are right. It doesn't take much secondhand smoke to cause breathing difficulties — even if you don't notice them.
Less Smoke, Less Death
Lighting up in a restaurant or a bar affects more than your own lungs. The secondhand smoke is inhaled by those around you as well — unless you live in an area with smoke-free legislation.
Mapping Your Lungs
A few years ago, starting on a road trip meant packing a folding paper map. Now, 3-D satellite images are at our fingertips on smartphones to plan the route and show what’s up ahead. What if we could also map a path through our lungs? 
Breathe Deep to Keep Your Smarts
You may be looking for ways to avoid losing some of your sharpness as you get older. One surprising technique to keep your brain in better shape involves your lungs.
Is COPD Causing Your Sleepless Nights?
Many people with COPD report not getting enough good sleep, which leads to daytime exhaustion and sleepiness. Now there is new research to support these claims.
Bigger City, Bigger Breathing Problem
It's a chain reaction: pollutants in the air of big cities can lead to illnesses in babies and worse case scenario, make it harder to breathe.
Asthma Medication Miss-Taken by Kids
Your kid may be armed with all the tools to treat his or her asthma, but may still have trouble breathing. What's not working?
Breathing in Plastic May Limit Exhaling
Those hardy plastic containers holding your shampoo or kids' toys may not be the safest thing for your child, especially if they have asthma.