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Diabetes Risk in Kids Tied to Antipsychotic Meds
Medications used to treat mental health disorders can have serious side effects. Researchers wanted to know if these medications could lead to weight gain and increased diabetes risk in children and teens like they do in adults.
The Crystal Ball of Psychosis
The process of identifying people at very high risk for schizophrenia is getting better. But it can still be hard to know who will actually go on to develop full psychosis.
More Than the Mind in Mental Health Care
It's known that people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders also struggle with physical illness. Such physical illness may be leading to deaths that could be avoided.
UTI Burden with Schizophrenia
Urinary tract infections are a pretty common problem. But for people with schizophrenia, that type of infection may be even more common and may go unnoticed and untreated for a while.
Less Mood Disorder, More Psychosis
Not every mental health disorder fits easily into a category. Some slide on a scale between two well-defined disorders.
Team Management for Schizophrenics
Sticking to a prescribed medication plan can be tough for some patients with schizophrenia. Having a team of healthcare professionals making sure meds are being taken may help patients stick to the plan.
A Family of Mental Health Disorders
Depression, autism and schizophrenia have very different symptoms. But new genetic research suggests that they may share a root cause.
Mixing Mental Health and Substance Use
If you're treating a teen for mental health, it's important to understand the big picture. The big picture includes how much they drink, smoke or use marijuana.
Can We Lower Babies' Schizophrenia Risk?
Some mental disorders are linked to specific genes. But that does not mean a person with a certain gene is destined to develop that disorder. Healthy practices may decrease the risk.
Stopping the Switch to Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia often does not suddenly turn on like a switch. There are usually early symptoms before a person reaches full psychosis. But how do you stop what's coming?