Health News

100,000 spared from AIDS in India
A new study estimates that 100,000 people in India have avoided HIV over the past five years, as a result of an prevention project targeting high-risk groups.
Brain Function Changes Identified in Early HIV
For HIV patients in the early stages of the disease, about half will develop changes in brain function including attention and memory deficits, and problems with verbal fluency.
Injectable Birth Control Increases Risk for HIV
If you or your partner uses injectable birth control, you may be at higher risk of catching HIV, says a new University of Washington study.
There are many ways to keep your heart healthy. Is sex one of them and is sex even considered exercise? As people get older sex might seem like it’s too strenuous for the heart, but is it?
Powerful HIV Vaccine Shows Success in Trials
A powerful prototype vaccine for HIV has shown early success in trials in humans over the past year. The vaccine has the potential to turn the once-deadly virus into a minor chronic infection.
Two Chinks in the Armor of Hepatitis C
In the middle ages, a great time to attack one's enemies is while they were sleeping. Researchers have found two times when the hepatitis C vaccine may be easily attacked.
Half the Dose for Hepatitis C Remission
Less sometimes is worth more! Finding the "sweet spot" for taking a drug while minimizing the downside of drug exposure is the goal of many drug researchers. A new multi-continent study has done just.
Cryptic Infection Missed in AIDS Patients
For patients with AIDS, a fungal infection can be a major problem. However, researchers may have found a way to make treatement more likely to succeed by identifying a new cause.
Cholesterol Conundrum with HIV Kids
New treatments can enable children born with HIV to live well into their adult years, but the antiretroviral therapy (ART) can cause high cholesterol. Researchers are urging early cholesterol monitoring for these kids.
Complera Approval Completed
Gilead Sciences announces Complera, a new daily pill for HIV-1 infected adults with no prior antiretroviral therapies, has been approved by the FDA.