Health News

Blocking Out Chlamydia
To say that chlamydia is a big player in sexually transmitted diseases is a huge understatement. Chlamydia is responsible for the largest number of sexually-transmitted infections.
Reyataz Equal Opportunity Protector
Most women living with HIV are in their childbearing years. This makes the effectiveness of their HIV treatment and benefits to their unborn children particularly important.
Preemie Problems With HIV Drug
Premature babies can be born with a host of problems. Preemies exposed to HIV through their mothers also have even more complicated beginnings.
Hepatitis B Vaccine for Pregnant Women
When women become pregnant, they often focus their energies on making sure their fetus is as healthy as possible. However, by delaying vaccination for hepatitis B (HBV) while pregnant, women may be putting their own health at risk.
HIV's Mantra 'Treatment as Prevention'
As HIV continues to ravage sub-Saharan Africa, world leaders in AIDS research and policy continue to look for new solutions. The "Treatment As Prevention" strategy is one that holds real promise.
Skin Cancer: See and Destroy Strategy
Visible lesions caused by Kaposi's sarcoma can reveal that someone may be ill with AIDS. Researchers are trying to take away a viral shield and let the immune system "see and destroy" the Kaposi's sarcoma virus.
Give Me Some Skin to Fight HIV
Infectious disease prevention is often aided with the introduction of new antiretroviral drugs. Poor nations facing infectious diseases epidemics have limited access to these new drug therapies.
A Pill a Day Keeps HIV Away
A condom is just one essential tool protecting against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Are there other therapies for HIV-infected individuals in a committed relationship?
A Sound Heart
People with HIV are at an increased risk for for many heart related issues, such as cardiovascular disease and a fatal heart attack. New research indicates that a heart ultrasound can enable HIV positive individuals to identify their risk sooner.
Hold Your Applause, New Clap in Town
Several suggestions are offered to explain why gonorrhea is called "the clap". Two possibilities are French words, which date to the 1500s. Clapoir is a sexual sore and clapier is a brothel.