Health News

50 Percent of Teenagers are Takers of Free HIV Testing
In an effort to pump up teenage HIV testing, The Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center offered free or low-cost HIV testing to teenagers. Government agencies recommend yearly HIV testing for all people from 13-64. Most people simply do not get tested for HIV, though.
Major AIDS Breakthrough
Since the early 1980's, the mysterious sexually transmitted virus later known has AIDS has destroyed many lives, families and children.
FDA Demands STD Products Removal
The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have issued warnings to companies that claim their "dietary supplements" are effective in preventing or treating sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).
Banning HIV Organ Donation
Researchers from Johns Hopkins believe that a law banning HIV patients from donating their organs to living HIV-positive patients is outdated. If the ban were reversed, hundreds of HIV-positive patients who need an organ could get their transplant within months instead of years.
New Drug Mix for Hepatitis C
The current two-drug treatment for hepatitis C does not work as well as patients would like. Now, researchers have found that adding a third drug to the mix leads to better results.
Spring Break, Bro!
Every year, college students around the U.S. plan to party hard during spring break. The understandings that these students have with their friends about alcohol and sex are predictors of their behavior.
This Drug is Not for Preemies
The FDA has warned health care professionals that an antiretroviral drug used to treat HIV infection may lead to serious heart, kidney, and breathing problems in premature babies.
New, Improved! Now With Less Glycerin!
Scientists recently developed an anti-HIV gel designed to be applied to the vagina. Now, a reformulated version of the gel appears to be safe for use in the rectum.
Saving the Baby from Mommy's Sickness
A new study has identified a new drug regimen that may reduce the risk of spreading HIV from an infected mother to her infant.
The Damage Done from the Get-Go
Using mice, researchers have modeled how the human body reacts to the early stages of HIV infection. The study also reveals how the disease is related to nerve cell damage.