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Kids Itchy Now, Asthmatic Later?
Dry, itchy skin and rashes in toddlers over the long-term could be a sign of future breathing problems.
Bigger City, Bigger Breathing Problem
It's a chain reaction: pollutants in the air of big cities can lead to illnesses in babies and worse case scenario, make it harder to breathe.
Asthma Medication Miss-Taken by Kids
Your kid may be armed with all the tools to treat his or her asthma, but may still have trouble breathing. What's not working?
Breathing in Plastic May Limit Exhaling
Those hardy plastic containers holding your shampoo or kids' toys may not be the safest thing for your child, especially if they have asthma.
When to Inhale
Sometimes inhalers are puffed once a day for asthma. Other times it's done only when it's difficult to breathe. Is one way better than another?
Leave Me Alone!
Socializing and participating in activities can sometimes be difficult for your children if they have asthma. And in worse situations, your children may get picked on as well.
More Wheeze With PCBs
There's more reason not to sniff the paint. Or let your kids play with wires. Children with asthma who are exposed to products with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) could feel worse.
Short of Breath? Or Just a Little Short?
Parents may have to think twice about their children's inhalers before they make the wheeze go away.
Sleepyheads with Asthma?
Having a chronic illness like asthma can often affect many different parts of your health. One concern with asthma is that it can hurt children's sleep quality.
Smoking While Pregnant Linked to Asthma
Past research has already shown links between mothers who smoke and asthma in their children. But what if a mom only smokes while pregnant and quits before giving birth?