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Go Ahead - Make a Mud Pie, Kiddo!
The joke is that experienced parents don't clean off a pacifier after it falls on the floor. A few extra germs just build the immune system, right? Well, they may be on to something.
Science Confirms Science: Smoking is Bad
Expectant mothers should be wary of second-hand smoke. Exposure to second-hand smoke has been shown to increase the risk of asthma and wheezing in children.
Air Pollution's Effect on Asthma
Air pollution is a concern for many but its effects on lung health is unknown. A new study sheds light on how what is in the air may affect the number of people with asthma or poor lung health.
Allergic Asthma? There's a Shot for That
Asthma treatment is getting a shot in its arm. A new study highlights how vaccination can be an effective alternative to inhalers.
Asthma Begins in Infancy
Asthma may have its beginnings in cute babies. In a new study, the development of asthma in children was associated with their lung health as newborns.
Out-of-Pocket Cost Deter Asthma Treatment
The out-of-pocket cost of a child's asthma puts a strain on a family's wallet and on the child's health. The cost of asthma treatment has led to reduced medicine use and more hospitalizations.
Asthma Gets its Close-up
If you can see it, you can treat it according to a new asthma study. Using a bronchoscope can be effective for hard-to-treat asthma.
Predicting Asthma in Middle-Aged Women
In a new study, low-levels of fat protein may predict future risk of developing asthma in middle-aged women. This predictive power was especially true for women who smoked.
Antibiotics and Asthma, an Adverse Relationship?
The rise of childhood asthma may be linked to antibiotic use. A new study focused on how antibiotics may prevent healthy immune system development leading to new cases of asthma.
Wiki Your Way to Better Asthma Management
Asthma action plans are a valuable asset for managing symptoms. A community-based wiki may allow even more asthma sufferers to use an action plan that's right for them.